Thursday, August 20, 2015

What Exactly Is Happening? (Church Merger FAQs)

Earlier this month Pastor Logan began talking about a joint service with CrossPoint Church on Sunday, August 23. The nature of this service has a huge bearing on both ministries as they move into the future. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about that future that have emerged in recent weeks.

What exactly is happening?

Pastor Scott Warren of CrossPoint Church in Taylorsville has resigned in order to take a position at a church in Arkansas. CrossPoint will merge with New Morning Church of Provo, adopting a multisite model of ministry, under the leadership of New Morning’s Pastor Logan Wolf.

Who is CrossPoint Church?

CrossPoint Church started in a small office in downtown Salt Lake City in September 2006. CrossPoint is passionate about worshiping God, growing in His grace and knowledge through His Word, and seeing lives transformed through Jesus Christ. CrossPoint has its own facility in Taylorsville and has an average weekly attendance of 96.

What is a church merger?

A church merger is the process whereby two churches become one. It is the combining, integrating, and unifying of people, structures, systems, and resources so that the Kingdom of God might be better served and the ministry more effectively and efficiently carried out. CrossPoint and New Morning will no longer exist as separate, individual entities. Instead, they will come together to form something completely new.

What is a multisite church?

A multisite church is one church in multiple locations, with each location being an equal but unique part of the local body. Multisite campuses find commonality in their vision, resources, and leadership.

How did this come about?

Both CrossPoint and New Morning are church plants and considered mission works of national mission agencies, North American Ministries and Faith Missions respectively. Though they each enjoy practical autonomy, making day to day decisions themselves, they are ultimately operating under the auspices, and are therefore accountable to, their respective agencies. These organizations, at the recommendation of Pastor Scott and with the consent of Pastor Logan, have decided that this merger to multisite model is the best means of moving forward.

How will the two campuses work together?

Each campus will continue to minister in their respective communities but will now have a greater role in seeing the Gospel proclaimed outside their immediate context. This role includes prayer, fellowship and support, the sharing of expertise and experience, investment in outside ministries and organizations, and laboring together during joint services or projects.

Will there be changes?

There will be changes in the coming weeks and months. Some will be logistical, made out of necessity as the two ministries become one. These will include such things as consolidating websites and social media outlets, adapting systems for reporting giving and attendance, and eliminating non-essential expenditures in light of new circumstances. Some changes will be a matter of pastoral preference. These may include order of the worship service or a realigning of partnerships with outside ministries or organizations. Finally, there will be some procedural changes as both campuses now have access to the best practices and experience of the other.

What will remain the same?

Much will remain the same. The same people will gather on the same campus in the same loving spirit and commitment to God for the same purpose of growing in their personal relationship with Jesus with the same mission of introducing others to Him.

What will happen with existing volunteers and leadership?

Volunteers and leadership at each campus will continue in their current roles under the direction of Pastor Logan.

How will Sunday services be conducted?

Sunday worship will be conducted as usual on both campuses, with Pastor Logan preaching in Taylorsville at 10:30am and in Provo at 5pm.

What will be the name of the new church?

Both campuses will eventually adopt the name CrossPoint and take on geographical designations (i.e., CrossPoint Taylorsville and CrossPoint Provo). However, New Morning’s tagline—Meeting God, Meeting Friends, Meeting Needs—will replace CrossPoint’s—Connect, Grow, Serve.

What are the financial considerations?

Each campus will remain responsible for its own expenditures. Those expenses considered non-essential may be cut so as to extend outreach further into each community. Both campuses will pool their resources regarding giving to outside ministries and organizations, as well as for special projects and joint services or events.

What should I do now?

Your continued prayers, involvement, and support of what God is doing in Utah and in our ministry is more important than ever. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for Pastor Logan, the volunteers and leadership at each campus, and the leadership at North American Ministries and Faith Missions, as well as for the cities of Taylorsville and Provo. Please make attendance in the worship services (especially the joint service on August 23) and various campus events and outreach activities a priority and continue to invest financially in the future of CrossPoint Church.

But what about…?

You no doubt have other questions, perhaps some you didn’t have until you read through the ones above. Please understand that this process of merging into a multisite model of ministry is new for everyone involved—Pastor Logan, CrossPoint, New Morning, North American Ministries, and Faith Missions. There are some questions that we are unable to answer at this time. Like many areas in the Christian life, this is something that will require you to exercise a great deal of faith. While we hope the material above is helpful, we ask that you trust that God will bless and be glorified in this new undertaking. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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