Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Anniversary Service Highlights (2016)

This past Sunday (August 21) was an exciting day for the ministry of CrossPoint Church as we celebrated three enormous milestones—the one year anniversary of our merger and move to multisite, the fifth year anniversary of our Provo campus, and the tenth year anniversary of our Taylorsville campus! If you weren't able to join us, here's what you missed:

Uplifting music. The congregational music, led by Pastor Jordan, was truly a celebration of God's faithfulness.

Encouraging preaching. Pastor Logan shared a message titled What's Next? in which he urged us to come together as a church and position ourselves to be a part of whatever God has in store for the next ten years. He explained that we can do this by laying aside our personal righteousness, laying aside our personal preferences, and taking up personal responsibility.

New friends. We welcomed first time guests at both campuses and had a combined attendance of 123. After the services everyone was invited to stay for cake and ice cream.

Meaningful opportunity. We collected a special anniversary gift offering above our regular giving. This money will go to two projects—reducing the mortgage on the Taylorsville building and buying school supplies for children in Taylorsville and Provo. Four thousand dollars was collected—thank you so much for your generosity!

Huge announcement. During his message, Pastor Logan announced—to applause and cheers—that we are moving our Provo campus out of the hotel and into a permanent facility. After the service in Provo, everyone was invited to tour the new location. Keep an eye out for future announcements as we prepare to make the move in just a couple of weeks!

What was your favorite part of Sunday's services?

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