Monday, August 29, 2016

"Vote Out of Obedience" in 5 Tweets

A recap of the message "Vote Out of Obedience" (from our series "Vote: Taking Your Faith to the Polls") in 140 characters or less:
  1. Every area of our lives—including our politics—is to be lived out for the glory of God. #CrossPointUT
  2. We're to give the government the "things" (plural) it's due (i.e., enlisting in the draft, paying taxes, and voting). #CrossPointUT
  3. Jesus taught that we have responsibilities in the civil realm and the spiritual realm (cf. Mark 12:17). Voting fulfills both. #CrossPointUT
  4. Voting is an act that glorifies God and allows us to promote that which glorifies Him—the common good, justice, and mercy. #CrossPointUT
  5. As believers, we should vote at every level of government—city, county, state, and federal. #CrossPointUT
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