Thursday, August 11, 2016

What's Next?

Sunday, August 21, will be an exciting day for the ministry of CrossPoint Church as we celebrate three milestones—the one year anniversary of our merger and move to a multisite model of ministry, the fifth year anniversary of our Provo campus, and the tenth year anniversary of our Taylorsville campus! (Services will be held at our regular times and locations.) Pastor Logan will preach a topical message titled What's Next? in which he'll reaffirm what God has called us to do as a local church and outline specific ways you can participate in what God is doing through our church as we move into the future.

So how can you prepare for this special day? First, plan to attend (and arrive early). We hope you'll make these services a priority. You can do that by deciding now that you will be there, scheduling your weekend around this celebration rather than waiting to see if you can fit it in. Make a point to get to bed early the night before so that you arrive well rested and ready to worship. We'd love for you to even come early. We have been promoting these services in the community and anticipate a large number of first time guests. We could use the extra help greeting families as they arrive, showing them around, answering questions, and making them feel welcome.

Second, invite everyone you know (at least those in Utah). With lots of excitement, celebratory music, and an evangelistic message, anniversary services are a great time to invite people to church! You can use the Taylorsville Facebook event page or the Provo Facebook event page to invite your friends. This Sunday (August 14) we'll also hand out postcards for you to invite your neighbors, coworkers, and even your waitress.

Third, plan to give (more than usual). Remember, we are collecting a "birthday gift" offering for the ministry. This is will not go toward our budgeted expenses, and therefore meant to be in addition to your regular tithes and offerings. This special offering will be spent in two ways. One, it will go toward reducing the principal on our Taylorsville mortgage. This is by far our largest ministry expense and obstacle to becoming a self-supporting church. Two, it will be used to buy school supplies for children in need in both Taylorsville and Provo.

Fourth, pray (for all of the above). Pray for Pastor Logan as he finishes his message, Pastor Jordan as he prepares the music, the leadership team as they finalize details, yourself as you come in to worship, that those you invite would both attend and be receptive to the Word of God, and that our church family would be generous and sacrificial in participating in the special offering.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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