Friday, September 16, 2016

Small Groups at CrossPoint Church (Fall 2016)

Every Sunday you hear a member of our pastoral team say that CrossPoint Church is a place for Meeting Friends. That simply means we are here to help people develop meaningful relationships with others who will encourage them in life and support them on their spiritual journey. That happens best in the context of a small group.

Small groups are intentional gatherings that happen on a regular basis for the purpose of community and spiritual growth. Within a small group you not only hear the Bible taught but are able to interact with it by way of discussion and questions. Furthermore, small groups provide accountability and the necessary prayer support as we look to apply what we're learning from God's Word to our own lives.

The arrival of fall brings with it our final trimester of 2016 and some great small groups to join. If you are new to CrossPoint, or weren't able to participate in a small group last time, we hope you will consider joining one of the following studies. Registration opens this Sunday (September 18)!

Understanding and Applying the Bible. This course will help you learn how to get the most out of reading and studying the Bible with the goal of helping you know God better. Requires a Bible and a notebook.

Begins: Oct. 9 | Time: Sun. 9:15-10:15am | Duration: 8 weeks | Location: Taylorsville Campus | Leader: Pastor Logan

Simple: The Christian Life Doesn't Have to Be Complicated. This study covers the fundamentals of the Christian faith—assurance, baptism, church, devotions, and evangelism. If you're a new believer, a curious nonbeliever, or feel stagnant in your relationship with God, this group is for you! (There is a study guide available for $9.)

Begins: Oct. 12 | Time: Wed. 6-7pm | Duration: 6 weeks | Location: Provo Campus | Leader: Pastor Logan

Dealing with Suicide. Suicide is the eleventh highest cause of death for all age groups, but it is the third most likely cause of death among children, teens, and young adults. This short study will look at the tragedy of suicide through the lens of the Bible and provide a safe environment for a candid conversation on the topic.

Begins: Oct. 11 | Time: TBD | Duration: 3 weeks | Location: TBD (Taylorsville) | Leader: Martha Gamble

Encouraging One Another. This women's study will search the Bible and consider all the ways God demonstrates that He hasn't left us to face life alone. (There is a study guide available for $8.)

Begins: Oct. 1 | Time: Sat. 9-10am | Duration: 12 weeks | Location: Taylorsville Campus | Leader: Jen Potter and Sarah Read

Hebrews. The book of Hebrews can refresh you spiritually if you’ve been struggling to maintain your faith in the face of your circumstances. College students and young adults will enjoy this encouraging study of the first seven chapters of the book of Hebrews. (There is a study guide available for $7.)

Begins: September 29 | Time: TBD | Duration: 7 weeks | Location: Pastor Jordan’s House (Taylorsville) | Leader: Pastor Jordan and Emily Ledbetter

Be sure to fill out a registration form this Sunday! Which group or groups interest you?

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