Saturday, November 26, 2016

Anticipating Christmas

The anticipation of the Christmas season gradually builds, starting right after the Fourth of July when stores begin selling Christmas decorations. Christmas music starts playing on the radio in November. Then the Christmas tree lots open just before Thanksgiving. It picks up steam in the weeks leading up to Christmas day with shopping and Christmas movies and light displays and baking and wrapping gifts and visiting family. When it finally arrives, it is something that you have been ready for some time.

That was the case with the very first Christmas. The birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of a promise made generations before and reaffirmed and elaborated on to many men and women throughout history as the day got closer. In our new series Anticipating Christmas we’ll look at the lives of Mary, Zechariah, Simeon, and Anna and learn what exactly it was they were looking forward to. In doing so, we pray you’ll have new reason to get excited this Christmas!
  • November 27, Anticipating a King, Luke 1:26-38
  • December 4, Anticipating a Prophet, Luke 1:67-80
  • December 11, Anticipating a Priest, Luke 2:22-35
  • December 18, Anticipating a Redeemer, Luke 2:36-38
  • December 24, Anticipating Christmas, Luke 2:1-21 (Separate services held at each campus, 5pm)
  • December 25, No Services
Invite a friend and plan on joining us!

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