Monday, July 10, 2017

"Thirsty: Confronting the Lust of the Flesh" in 5 Tweets

A recap of Pastor Logan's message "Thirsty: Confronting the Lust of the Flesh" (from the series "Committed: Understanding Your Role in the Local Church") in 140 characters or less: 

  1. Only Christ can satisfy our longings, but we often try to do it ourselves by digging our own cisterns (cf. Jeremiah 2:13). #CrossPointUT 
  2. "It is the 'legal' sensualities, the culturally acceptable indulgences, which will take us down." - Kent Hughes #CrossPointUT 
  3. A lustful thought popping into your head isn't a sin. The sin comes when you don't immediately push it away. #CrossPointUT 
  4. Even though David was told Bathsheba was married, he still couldn't let go. Lust causes a fixation & rationalization of sin. #CrossPointUT 
  5. You can't satisfy lust by indulging in it. How many times have you, struggling with some sin, thought this is the last time. #CrossPointUT 
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