Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"What Shall We Do?" in 5 Tweets

A recap of Pastor Logan's message "What Shall We Do?" in 280 characters or less: 
  1. The purpose of the Bible isn’t to fix all of your perceived problems, give you the secret to earthly success, or to make you rich. The purpose of the Bible is to introduce you about Jesus (cf. John 20:30-31). #CrossPointUT 
  2. When the Holy Spirit presses the severity of your sin upon you, don’t fight it. Conviction is useless unless it moves you toward God. #CrossPointUT 
  3. Sin isn’t overcome by being more zealous or more religious. #CrossPointUT 
  4. Repentance is not promising not to sin. If you could stop sinning, you would. It is a change of mind, agreeing with God that your sin is an affront on His holiness and that you can’t overcome it. #CrossPointUT 
  5. He who comes to be baptized does so with the conviction that he is a sinner and a willingness to receive as a gift the salvation offered by Jesus. #CrossPointUT 
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